Manga and Anime for Beginners

Manga and Anime for Beginners

What is Manga and Anime?

Have you heard about manga or Anime, and never read or watched it but wondered what all the fuss was about? Here’s a simple list of how to explore manga or Anime to see if it’s right for you.

Manga is a Japanese form of art that is relatively the equivalent of American comic books. Except manga are not done in color, they are done in black and white.

Anime is simply a way to describe Japanese Animation, it is a particular style of animation that has similar characteristics. Including but not limited to things such as character styles, action scenes, and sometimes even simply how characters react to something may be general for Anime

There are numerous ways to explore manga and Anime for the first time. However, if you know for a fact that things such as Pokemon, Yu-gi-oh, or Sailor moon aren’t your kind of thing, that’s okay. Anime and manga have a broad range of genres and topics just like comic books and movies do.

Since you are just now exploring manga and/or Anime however, this article will explore the free options, all of which are easily and legally obtained through the internet.


When jumping into the world of Manga it can seem slightly overwhelming at first, especially considering you may not know what you’ll find.

First, you have to consider what kind of stories do you like. Do you like romance, drama, action, supernatural, horror, or even mystery maybe? Once you have decided on a type of story you like you should explore for that type of Manga. Websites such as, can give newbies a helping hand because you can sort the manga according to genre.

You select by the three basic categories they have listed: seinen, shojo, and shonen.

Seinen is Manga commonly geared towards an older crowd.

Shojo is Manga geared towards females, usually with romantic plots, and plenty of comedy.

Shonen Manga is one of the most popular among Americans because it is so close to comic books, these are geared towards younger male audiences. Frequently these mangas are action packed, or involve sports.

Once you have selected a basic category, the page will give you a full list, and have a column that breaks it down even further according to what the Mangas are about.

Recommended websites include:


Exploring Anime is the same as exploring movies in general. What your friend rants and raves is the best Anime is the world to them, may not be to you. Searching for an Anime you will like may

Anime Fan

Anime Fan

be harder than searching for an Anime, simply because it is harder to find a list of Anime sorted by genre.

The best advice is to do a search for the kind of Anime you want to watch, for example if you want a romance comedy Anime Search with the terms “Comedy romance Anime”, or simply explore Wikipedia for a general list of Anime and their genres.

The best thing about most Anime is that it can be easily found online, for free. The leader in free Anime is Funimation, and they put out a good bit of popular animes. They post all of their Anime online at Hulu, and a couple other sites that can be found through their main site here.

There are other alteratives to Funimation such as Daisuki and Netflix.

You may find that the Anime or manga you try isn’t your style. That doesn’t mean you won’t ever like any though, it simply means you don’t like the series you’ve explored. Keep looking, and you never know because even those of us not looking sometimes find a hidden gem.

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